Monday, September 25, 2017

The Great Celery Experiment

The second week of this school year we got to start our first science experiment... YAY! While exploring our Big Idea on the Process of Science, we learned all about what a scientist does... and the most important thing a scientist does is ask questions. After reading about how scientists asked the question, "How do we grow plants in space without soil?", we decided that for our first science question we would ask, "How do we regrow plants in space without seeds?". We hoped to be able to regrow celery from the head of the celery. 

As we began the experiment, we were a class divided... half the class thought we could do it, while the other half thought the celery would rot before it regrows. We observed and documented our experiment over 10 days, and then celebrated our first scientific process of the school year by eating *Ants on a Log* (celery with peanut butter and raisins)... YUM!

Check out our pictures and journal entries to see our hypothesis, materials we used, our procedure, and just how successful our Great Celery Experiment was...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Skittles Science... Reversible & Irreversible Change

We had a "sweet" time in science today with our big idea on the properties of matter and exploration of reversible and irreversible change. After talking about all the things that represent reversible change, and all the things that represent irreversible change, I decided to surprise the students with a  sweet science treat.

First, I brought out a container filled with Skittles and we made our observations. We noticed that the Skittles were arranged and layered by color. We talked about the pattern of colors in the mason jar. After finishing our observations, I picked up the mason jar, flashed the class my best evil smile, and gave the jar a really good shake... GASP! All that hard work of separating two big bags of Skittles by color, and then carefully layering them in the mason jar for today's science was gone! Now, we had a hot mess of Skittles without any color pattern whatsoever. I asked the students if this was reversible or irreversible change. The answer was unanimous... REVERSIBLE CHANGE! The students explained to me that I could pour the Skittles out, separate them by color (again), and then layer them in the mason jar. They were absolutely correct!

Next, I took a few of the Skittles and dropped them into a glass of water. We observed what happened to the Skittles over the next several minutes. The colors from the Skittles were beginning to spread out into the water, and the Skittles were turning white as the colors dissolved away from them. Once again, I asked the students if this was reversible or irreversible change... and once again, the answer was unanimous... IRREVERSIBLE CHANGE! The students explained to me that I could not remove the colors from the water, put the colors back on the Skittles, and then make the Skittles and water like they were before I dropped the Skittles into the glass of water. Spot on! I couldn't be prouder of my second grade scientists.

Of course, once we were done with our exploration of reversible and irreversible change, we got to enjoy our sweet science treat... the Skittles.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Welcome 2017-18 Second Grade SUPERHEROES!!

We are going to have an AHH-MAZING school year. Second grade is such a fun and awesome grade level. In keeping with out superhero school theme this year, the team name for our grade level this year is... The Fantastic Eight! We have the most incredibly dedicated second grade teachers EVER! I cannot wait to get to know my second grade superheroes, as well as get this school year started!

"Second grade is GREAT with The Fantastic Eight!"

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Force and Motion Catapults


What better way to experiment with force and motion than with popsicle stick catapults and pom poms! 

*AND*... why make a single launcher when we can make a DOUBLE launcher to DOUBLE our fun!! This was literally the most fun we have had in science lab so far this year... and we have had some crazy major fun.

We used popsicle sticks, bottle caps, glue, rubber bands, and pom poms. We made our catapults during science lab yesterday, and got to spend all of today's science lab launching pom poms and having an absolute total blast.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

My second graders had an absolute blast making ghost rockets on Mad Scientist Day!

First... we used black Sharpies to decorated our film canisters to look like ghosts. SPOOKY!

Then... we mixed some water (about 1/3 of the film canister) and cornstarch (about 1/2 tsp) together in the ghost film canisters.

Last... we went outside (very important to do this outside), put a 1/4 piece of an Alka Seltzer tab in the film canister, put the top on the canister, and turned it top side down onto the ground.

... and now let's see all the fun!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

What is a Pangram?

This week we will be using the pangram, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", to help improve our handwriting skills. Now that we are working with the Saxon phonics program each day, being able to write and code the words clearly is essential on both the activities and assessments. By using these worksheets in centers over the next couple of weeks, the students will be able to practice their handwriting skills with lowercase and uppercase letters, and become more aware of how to make their letters proper.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Punchcards for Making Good Choices

Punchcards are so much fun in the classroom, and the students absolutely love them... especially the no homework pass! I use the punchcard system in my classroom to reward the student's *good choices*. If at the end of the day a student's name is not on the board, or they have earned their name off the board for turning their day around (we all deserve second chances), then they will get a punch on their punchcard for making good choices. I am constantly amazed at how well my students keep up with their punchcards, and know how many more days until they get to go to treasure chest or pick a classroom coupon. I also think it is so awesome how my students collect all of the punchcards they have completely filled throughout the school year to see who has the most punches... it really shows just how much they want to make good choices to fill their punchcards.

This year I updated my punchcards to match our school theme ~ "Crown Point Elementary... where superheroes reach for the stars".

My SUPERhero themed punchcards...

After getting five punches on the punch card, the students get to go to the treasure box... and once the punch card is filled with all 10 punches, the students can turn it in for a classroom coupon. What is a classroom coupon you ask? Well, here are the classroom coupons I made for the students to choose from (superhero themed, of course)...

Click here to purchase these classroom coupons from my TpT store

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to draw a dog... WOOF!

during CGA testing, we had to miss our music resource. So I decided to let the class have a little fun during our "music" time, and taught them how to draw a dog from the word dog. 

~ Here are some of our way cool and super awesome creations ~

I came across this fun activity on Pinterest, and found the directions on the website