Monday, September 25, 2017

The Great Celery Experiment

The second week of this school year we got to start our first science experiment... YAY! While exploring our Big Idea on the Process of Science, we learned all about what a scientist does... and the most important thing a scientist does is ask questions. After reading about how scientists asked the question, "How do we grow plants in space without soil?", we decided that for our first science question we would ask, "How do we regrow plants in space without seeds?". We hoped to be able to regrow celery from the head of the celery. 

As we began the experiment, we were a class divided... half the class thought we could do it, while the other half thought the celery would rot before it regrows. We observed and documented our experiment over 10 days, and then celebrated our first scientific process of the school year by eating *Ants on a Log* (celery with peanut butter and raisins)... YUM!

Check out our pictures and journal entries to see our hypothesis, materials we used, our procedure, and just how successful our Great Celery Experiment was...

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