Saturday, July 9, 2016

Punchcards for Making Good Choices

Punchcards are so much fun in the classroom, and the students absolutely love them... especially the no homework pass! I use the punchcard system in my classroom to reward the student's *good choices*. If at the end of the day a student's name is not on the board, or they have earned their name off the board for turning their day around (we all deserve second chances), then they will get a punch on their punchcard for making good choices. I am constantly amazed at how well my students keep up with their punchcards, and know how many more days until they get to go to treasure chest or pick a classroom coupon. I also think it is so awesome how my students collect all of the punchcards they have completely filled throughout the school year to see who has the most punches... it really shows just how much they want to make good choices to fill their punchcards.

This year I updated my punchcards to match our school theme ~ "Crown Point Elementary... where superheroes reach for the stars".

My SUPERhero themed punchcards...

After getting five punches on the punch card, the students get to go to the treasure box... and once the punch card is filled with all 10 punches, the students can turn it in for a classroom coupon. What is a classroom coupon you ask? Well, here are the classroom coupons I made for the students to choose from (superhero themed, of course)...

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