Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Challenge Accepted!

While searching around Pinterest for classroom management tools, I came across this PIN from another blogger, Presto Plans Blog, about her 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge. Immediately intrigued, I read the post from tip to tail. I fell in love with not only this challenge, but the whole idea of it! 


Although I try to be a "positive Polly", and I am most definitely a social butterfly, sometimes I get lost in my day and cannot see the smiles right before me... that whole, "forest for the trees" thing. As I find myself now halfway through the third quarter, with the end of the school year sneaking up on me, "overwhelmed" seems to be the word of the day. This challenge comes at the perfect time.

With that said, I'm going to blog my hopefully (positive Polly) amazing stories from each day as I journey through this 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge. I cannot wait to share my happy teacher moments with you!

Tomorrow... DAY 1 :)

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