Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Aid Friday!

We continued our severe weather study in science on Friday by making a severe weather plan. I brought in one of my emergency kits and showed the students all the goodies inside it. We listened to my weather radio and talked about why I chose to have each of these things in my emergency kit. Then I surprised the students and gave them first aid kits to start an emergency kit of their own. The students were so excited! We explored what was in the first aid kits, and I gave each of them a label to decorate and stick on their first aid kit.

I was so impressed when the students started asking me to put their parent's cell phone numbers on the labels! Some of the students already knew their parent's cell phone numbers, and I helped those that did not. It was so super awesome to see the class remember one of our severe weather plan items... "Make sure you know or know where to find a list of emergency numbers (neighbor, relative, family friend, and parents cell phones)".

My second graders showed me that they really *know their stuff* when it comes to being prepared for severe weather!!

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