Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


The most amazing second grade class *ever* is making headlines in the Mandarin Newsline December 2014 issue!! Crown Point Elementary did an article on Red Ribbon Week and . . . 

< pause for dramatic effect >

. . . congratulated our class on winning the Red Ribbon Week Door Decoration Contest! WAY TO GO MS. KEARSON'S CLASS!!

If you do not receive the Mandarin Newline paper at your home, don't worry... you can download a digital copy of the article from the Mandarin Newsline website (I provided a link under the article picture).

Congratulations again to my rocking awesome second graders for showing their Panther Pride and support for Red Ribbon Week and a drug free school!!

The article in the Mandarin Newsline...
Click here to download a digital copy of the article in the Mandarin Newsline

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