Sunday, October 12, 2014

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is an amazing program for schools. Our school receives $0.10 for every box top that is turned in... that's one dime for every box top! Crown Point Elementary can use this money to purchase whatever the school needs... playground equipment, computers, library books, art supplies, science lab equipment, music instruments, even Smartboards... the possibilities are endless.

The Box Top loyalty program is very simple... just purchase products with box top labels, cut the box tops from the package, and turn them into your school. It's so easy... and really adds up!!

I have challenged the students to collect 500 box tops per quarter. We will have a cupcake party to celebrate each time the classroom collects 500 box tops. There is one more week left in the first quarter, and we have already collected 383 box tops!!

If you have any box tops at home, please send them in. I will be sending home this Batty for Box Tops collection sheet this week for each of the students to try to collect ten box tops before the end of October. Ask grandparents, neighbors, and coworkers that may not know about this program because they do not have school-aged children. Encourage them to clip their box tops and donate the box tops to Kearson's Classroom.

Thank you to everyone for the 383 box tops we have already collected... you are AHHH-MAZING!!

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