Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Day the Crayons Quit

I have been busy this summer working on my math and literacy units for my favorite classroom books. "The Day the Crayons Quit" by Drew Daywalt is such an amazing book to use in your classroom... and if you are like me, you will use it several times throughout the school year.

I absolutely LOVE this book, and I find a way to use this book 3-4 times during the year. This 70 page math and literacy unit is a great way to fill your centers with fun learning activities, leave out for morning work, or to have set aside for your students that complete their assignments early. You can use different parts of this unit all year long.

Here are a few pages from this unit...

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What's included...

- Alphabetize My Crayon Box
- What’s My Color?
- Unscramble My Color
- Guess My Color
- Why Do You Think the Crayons Quit?
- If I Was the Brown Crayon…
- What Would Your Crayons Write in a Letter to You?
- My Book Review
- Solve My Color Word Problem (4 pages)
- Game Spinner for the Graphing Colors Activity
- Graphing Colors
- What My Graph Tells Me
- Connect 4 (1 for kindergarten and 1 for 1st/2nd)
- Roll It, Write It, Tally It, Show It (1 for kindergarten and 1 for 1st/2nd)
- 10 More… 10 Less
- What’s My Number?
- Story Sequencing
- Literacy Center Book
- Crayon Profiles (8 profiles)
- Crayon Dice template
- Crayon Game Boards
- Memory Card Game
- My A+ Picture
- Crayon Craftivity

Enjoy!! :)

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  1. Thank you! From a time-poor relief teacher with a wide range of abilities and ages to cater to - these activities are just perfect!


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