Saturday, April 19, 2014

FCAT Buddy... Testing Day 4


On Thursday, for Mr. Beckstrom's fifth grade class's fourth day of testing, we gave our FCAT Buddies some Smartie Pants. My amazing first graders had so much fun decorating their Smartie Pants... we really enjoyed making treats each day this past week for our FCAT Buddies!!

I took the template that I made and uploaded it to my TpT store as a FREE download for you all to make your own Smartie Pants.

Click here to download this FREE Smartie Pants activity from my Tpt store

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FCAT Buddy... Testing Day 3


Today, for Mr. Beckstrom's fifth grade class's third day of testing, we decided to brighten up their testing time by giving them 48 way cool and awesomely fun pencils (already sharpened, of course) *with* florescent erasers!! No more boring yellow no.2 pencils... we made sure our #1 FCAT buddies had the best no. 2 pencils for their FCAT tests!! :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FCAT Buddy... Testing Day 2


Today, for Mr. Beckstrom's fifth grade class's second day of testing, we made cards for each of the students that said, "We Believe In You... You Got This". The students did an absolutely amazing job coloring each of the cards... SO PROUD!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

FCAT Buddy... Testing Day 1


Today, for Mr. Beckstrom's fifth grade class's first day of testing, we took Blow Pops and put tags on them that said, "You can blow the FCAT away!!". We also wrote encouraging notes on the back of the tags for our FCAT buddies like...

"You got this!"
"You rock!"
"We believe in you!"
"You are awesome!"
"You will do great!"


Sunday, April 13, 2014

FCAT Buddy... FCAT Parade

FCAT Buddy Parade

On Friday, Crown Point Elementary had their FCAT Parade so that all the K-2 classes could show their support for the third, fourth, & fifth graders that will be FCAT testing for the next several days. Each of the K-2 classes lined up in the halls and held up posters they made for their FCAT Buddy classroom. We clapped, gave high fives, and yelled *Good Luck* to every class in the parade... IT WAS A BLAST!!

This year, Kearson's Classroom has buddied up with Mr. Beckstrom's fifth graders. We made our GOOD LUCK poster for Beckstrom's Braniacs, and each of the students signed it. My first graders did such an amazing job creating this awesome poster to show their support!!


The Big Bad Wolf

This is a fun activity to compare/contrast the Big Bad Wolf character in the fairy tales, "Little Red Riding Hood" & "The Three Little Pigs". You can also use the Wanted Poster for any fairy tale villain you are reading about with your class.

Included in this activity are...
~ Wanted Poster for your fairy tale villain
~ Example of how to create a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf (Three Little Pigs)
~ Example of how to create a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood)
~ Big Bad Wolf compare/contrast Venn Diagram activity


Click here to visit my TpT store to download this Big Bad Wolf activity

The Venn Diagram activity is a great way to assess your student's comprehension and understanding of the characters, events, and main ideas of these fairy tales.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Know Our Facts

We spent all week gathering facts and information about our animals for our informational text writing. Each of the students picked a different animal to research and write about. To introduce the students to fact finding skills, I had them draw a pictures of the animals in their natural habitats, label the name of the animal, and list two facts discovered about the animals.

I was so amazed and proud of the awesome job each of the students did with their pictures and fact finding skills, that I had to showcase each of their animal facts on the classroom bulletin board for everyone to enjoy!

Our Classroom Bulletin Board


All About Sea Turtles

As we finished up our unit on Informational Text Reading & Writing, we put our fact finding skills to the test with a KWL chart all about sea turtles. The students had so much fun sharing all the things they already knew about sea turtles, as well as what they wanted to know about sea turtles before we read, "Sea Turtles" by Kay de Silva.

After reading about sea turtles, the classroom was buzzing with excitement as my awesome first graders not only realized all the facts that they already knew about sea turtles were in the book, but most of the things they wanted to know about sea turtles were discovered in the book too!!

Our KWL Chart

"Sea Turtles" by Kay de Silva