Saturday, August 31, 2013

All About Me...

WOW! The first two weeks of school have been fun... and flown by! In my son's first grade class, the little ones had a great time making their "All About Me" posters and sharing them with their classmates. And now... it is my turn. I will get to introduce myself to the kindergarten class that I will be doing my internship with this fall on Tuesday. I am getting super excited!

SO, what better way to introduce myself, then to create my own "All About Me" project. I poked around Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers until I found what I was looking for, and then put a little something together...

I think my favorite part of my "All About Me" project was creating the page, "When I Was In Kindergarten". How fun to let the little ones see what I looked like in kindergarten, where I went to school, and what my favorite things were when I was five years old!

I am sure my tummy will be full of butterflies on Tuesday, but I cannot wait until my first day in Ms. Sterrett's kindergarten classroom... I feel like I am five years old all over again!

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