Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer

We watched an amazing video in the classroom today as a special follow up treat to our Jacksonville Zoo field trip. I was so excited to be able to share and show the class one of the most amazing videos on lions and hyenas that I have had the joy to watch. 

The children loved it!! We talked about the habitat of lions, conservation, what kind of environment the African Plains are made up of, what it means for an animal to be endangered, and how we can make a difference. It was an inspiring classroom moment, and captured the minds and hearts of all of my amazing second graders. Not only did they applaud at the end of the video, but they talked about how learning that there may not be any lions living in the wild within the next 20 years made them sad and want to do something to ensure that the lions and their habitat are protected.

Here is the 15 minute video we watched in class today...

Kevin Richardson is truly an awe-inspiring individual... you can see more of his videos, read about his conservations efforts, and learn more about the plight of lions at

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