Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our First Week Back ROCKED!

We made it through our first week back in school... and what a GREAT first week back it was! 

The students worked so hard this week, that you would never know they just had an entire summer off. We worked on reviewing our math and literacy skills in our centers, and I have to say that I la-la-loved hearing the students say, "Ms. Kearson - this is so easy". I just love my second grade smartie-pants!! :)

We worked on story sequencing, characters, and setting with the story, "Lost and Found". The students did a most excellent job with their story comprehension, and I *know* they breezed right through the story skills test they had on Friday.

We also spent time this past week talking about, exploring, and using math and science tools in the classroom. Here are the journal entries we made this week to help remind us what tools we will be using in second grade, as well as how to use them...

Under each one of the "flaps", the students wrote how or why they would use these tools. This will be a great resource for the students to refer back to throughout the school year.

Friday we had our first Panther Pride day in Kearson's classroom. Each Friday we spend the first five minutes of recess picking up trash, bits, and what-nots around the playground area to show our Panther Pride at Crown Point Elementary. The students are really proud of the difference they are making... and I couldn't be prouder of them!

This upcoming week we will continue to review mastered skills in centers, and introduce new skills in the classroom. We will also begin having homework this week... YAY! ;)

I'm looking forward to another great week with my awesome second graders... I know they will continue to amaze me!!

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