Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

(the beautiful flowers I got form one of my first graders)

This year was my first time as a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week... and what an swonderfully~smarvelous week it was!! I cannot thank my students and parents enough for all the lovely gifts and awesome hugs. I feel so blessed and appreciated... my cup runneth over!!

One of the most unique and amazing gifts I received was a necklace made in Haiti through the Apparent Project. The necklace is made entirely from recycled materials, and the Apparent Project is designed to provide creative employment for Haitian families that are at risk of relinquishing their children to orphanages or the streets. The recycled materials used to make the necklace are...

*55 Gallon Steel Drum ~ Artists flatten 55 gallon oil drums and use them as steel canvases to cut, pierce, and bend intricate art work.

*Cereal Box Beads ~ Cut into thin strips, the paper is then carefully rolled on bamboo skewers and varnished.

*Aluminum Cans ~ Recycled cans are die cut and hand stamped by our talented artists.

Here is a picture of the lovely necklace I got for Teacher Appreciation Week...

Click here for more information on the Apparent Project

I would also like to thank the amazing staff and PTA at Crown Point Elementary for all the treats and gifts they gave out this week... they all did an incredible job making sure that the teachers felt truly appreciated!! :)

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