Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stretching Our Sentences

This week we will be starting our outlines for our narrative stories. . . and I have decided to kick this writing off with my *Stretch a Sentence* activity. FUN!

My kids have amazing imaginations, and tell me the craziest stories all day long. . . but when it comes to writing, the elaborate and very detailed story they told me in the morning about helping dad kill a snake BIGGER than me in the backyard, turns into, "I saw a snake." in their writing journals in the afternoon. BOO! So I plan on putting some *creative* writing in our narrative stories by stretching our five-word meaningful sentences into awesome sparkle-word sentences.

I put together a cute little *Stretch a Sentence* mini poster to review how adding who, is doing what, when, where, and why to a sentence can add SPARKLE to our narrative stories. Hopefully this activity will work, and the challenge to my first graders to stretch their sentences will be gladly accepted. . . the gauntlet has been thrown! :)

Click here to download this Stretch a Sentence activity from my TpT store

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