Friday, May 23, 2014

Our Good Choices "Frozen" Cupcake Party!

For our snack time today we celebrated all the good choices we have made in first grade . . . doing our homework, staying on task in the classroom, using our manners in the lunchroom, staying on the correct voice level, and following Crown Point's High Five while in the hallways! My *firsties* ROCK!!

I also surprised my kids by playing the Frozen soundtrack while we enjoyed our cupcakes . . . and I have to say, my FAVORITE party moment was getting to listen to my first graders sing all the songs . . . they stole my heart!! FYI - Demi Lovato hasn't got anything on my amazing *firsties*!!

Here is an audio file of Kearson's Crocodiles singing, "Let It Go" from Frozen . . .

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