Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Snake Ate My Homework!

"A snake at ALL my homework!
Ma'am, I swear to you it's true.
It swallowed it with one BIG gulp...
It didn't even chew!"
~ Lori Degman

We had so much fun learning all about snakes today! All week we have been working on our informational text standard (RI.1.8 - Identify reasons an author gives to support points in a text) with the, "Our Amazing World Series" books by Kay de Silva. Today we enjoyed Silva's book, "Snakes", and as luck would have it... I had an amazing snake skin to share with my class. The children LOVED it! Each of the boys and girls got to touch and look at the snake skin up close. One of my students is writing his informational report on snakes, and volunteered to have his picture taken holding the snake skin... FUN!

I never thought that I could enjoy non-fiction books as much as fiction books, but exploring the informational text standards has been an absolute blast! The children love seeing all the pictures, learning about each of the animals, and sharing their knowledge and stories about each animal we have read about... sharks, snakes, and bears, OH MY!!

Tomorrow we will be diving into the wonderful world of whales. :)

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