Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Darn Tricky Y!

WANTED: That sly tricky Y for stealing the sounds of "e" and "i"

Two things I must always remember
To keep the letter Y from tricking me...
In one syllable words he sounds like “i”
In two syllable words he sounds like “e”.

This is a fun little activity to help your students learn about that darn tricky Y. There is a mini anchor chart that can be printed and displayed in your literacy center, on your word wall, or with your reading and writing strategy bulletin boards.

I have also included two tricky Y activities...
- A worksheet to circle the number of syllables in each word and write which sound they hear... "e" or "i"
- A tricky Y word find

Click here to visit my TpT to download this Tricky Y activity 


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