Sunday, January 26, 2014

What happened to my snowman?

What happened to my Snowman?

We had so much fun using our imagination in the classroom this week to think of creative ways that our snowman could have melted, and then writing all about it...

- He sat too close to the campfire while making s'mores.
- He went on a safari to Africa and melted in the desert.
- He went to Mexico to eat tacos.
- He went to the beach to collect seashells.
- He went hiking up a hill that was really a volcano!
- He was cold and drank some hot cocoa.
- He was sick and ate some chicken noodle soup.

The creative writing that came from my first graders was simply amazing! I loved their writing so much that I just had to showcase all their wonderful stories on our bulletin board!

I have included a picture of our bulletin board in this *free* download so that you can see the melted snowman that the students made to go with their writing.

I hope your students have as much fun with this activity as we did... ENJOY!

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