Monday, January 6, 2014

100 Kindergarten Sight Words

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This is an alligator themed list of Fry's first 100 sight words for kindergarten. You can use this to create flash cards, keyring words, use in literacy centers, use as a guided reading/RTI tool, or for your word wall. This list can also be used for teachers to use when selecting the classroom *Word of the Day*.

These flashcards are also differentiated and include not only the sight word, but the sight word used in a sentence as well. Each of the sentences incorporate the use of other sight words and vocabulary that is on level for kindergarten or early first grade.


- For students that need extra support, you can have them sound out just the word, and then have them find the word in the sentence

- For students that are working on grade level you can have them read the word, and then help them read the sentence and identify the word in the sentence

- For students that need to be challenged, you can have them read the word and the sentence independently

I have also included "finger touch" markers under each word in the flash card sentences for guided reading with an adult to help the students with their sight word recognition.


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