Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Science of Origami

We had an amazingly fun time learning all about the art of origami. As part of our science unit on the properties of matter (SC.K.P.9.1), we transformed the shape of our paper into..... PUPPIES (she said in her best Cruella De Vil voice)!!

At the beginning of the lesson, my little kinder-scientists were saying, "But, Mrs. Kearson, we don't know how to do origami"... however, once all was said and done, they were so proud of their origami creations -- and I was too!!

Look at my kinder-scientists' origami creations...

Some of the other activities I have planned for this science unit are coffee filter flowers and coffee filter snowflakes. After completing the two coffee filter activities, we will compare and contrast the different ways that we changed the shape of our coffee filters... one by crumpling and one by folding and cutting. FUN!

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