Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let's Make a Snowman!

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This 36 page snowman and winter themed unit has a little bit of everything… math, literacy, science, and crafts. It includes fun worksheets, activities, and center games to compliment your winter lesson plans.

Activities included…

- All About the Number 9 Worksheet
- Roll It, Write It, and Add 6 More Worksheet
- Write 1 less and 1 More Worksheet
- Count How Many Worksheet
- Let's Make 10 Worksheet
- Roll It, Write It, Tally It, Show It Worksheet

- Match the Beginning Sounds Worksheet
- Letter “S” Cut and Paste Worksheet
- Rhyming, Labeling & Letter Writing Worksheet
- Match the Compound Words
- Write the Compound Words
- Snowman Writing Word Bank
- "How To" Writing Worksheet
- Opinion Writing Worksheet
- "If I was a snowman in spring I would..." Writing Worksheet
- Snowball Poem

Math Centers
- Winter themed dice for center games
- "Connect 4" Worksheet
- Snowman Game Board
- Snowman Game Pieces / Math counters / Manipulatives

- Fun Facts About Snow and Snowflakes
- Snowflakes “Can-Have-Are” Worksheet
- Make a Snowflake Science Experiment "how to" and materials list
- “What’s Happening?” Follow-up Sheet for the science experiment

- Make a Snowman Craftivity with patterns for your students to make their own snowman

These worksheets and activities can also be used as morning work or in your Math & Literacy Centers.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OH, NO... Turkey Trouble!!

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it looks like there might be some "Turkey Trouble"! I just finished creating my unit lesson plans and activities for my Turkey Trouble theme.

This Turkey Trouble Unit includes all of the worksheets, activities, and center games listed separately in my Teachers Pay Teachers store…

Honoring Our Veterans

My little kindergarteners worked so hard on their Veteran's Day project to honor all those who serve and protect our great country and many freedoms. I am so, so, so proud of all the wonderful thank you cards our class made to show their gratitude and support for all our nation's heroes. 

Crown Point Elementary will be taking all the thank you notes, cards, and projects made by each of the grade levels, and mailing them to our active duty military pen pals. What a wonderful way to let our dedicated soldiers know how much their service to our country means to all of us.

I purchased this Veteran's Day activity from Miss Kindergarten Love on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Science of Origami

We had an amazingly fun time learning all about the art of origami. As part of our science unit on the properties of matter (SC.K.P.9.1), we transformed the shape of our paper into..... PUPPIES (she said in her best Cruella De Vil voice)!!

At the beginning of the lesson, my little kinder-scientists were saying, "But, Mrs. Kearson, we don't know how to do origami"... however, once all was said and done, they were so proud of their origami creations -- and I was too!!

Look at my kinder-scientists' origami creations...

Some of the other activities I have planned for this science unit are coffee filter flowers and coffee filter snowflakes. After completing the two coffee filter activities, we will compare and contrast the different ways that we changed the shape of our coffee filters... one by crumpling and one by folding and cutting. FUN!

Friday, November 1, 2013

"P" is for Pumpkin

We had SO much fun exploring and investigating... P U M P K I N S! For our literacy centers we listened to "Scaredy-Cat Splat!" by Rob Scotton at the listening station, we colored and read our "Pumpkin Happy" book, we wrote our pumpkin poem in our poetry journals, and we made the most adorable "My Pumpkin" hanging paper pumpkins! FUN!

Our adorable "My Pumpkin" hanging paper pumpkins...

Next, we got down & dirty... and totally slimy in science!! We had such a blast exploring and investigating the ooey-gooey inside pulpy guts of a pumpkin. I absolutely la-la-loved listening to my little kindergartners screaming "EEWWW!" and "That is so slimy!"... and not to mention all the laugh, laugh, laughing out loud!! It is quite possible that I had more fun then the students did!!